former Wayland high football player Jason Haims brings fly fishing

Jason Haymes,

a former Wayland High School footballer,

brings the heat of fly fishing to the academy. Wayland’s new apprentice cannot clearly express their charms, other than that they are boys. and then let go. “But that’s k,” Haims wrote in her college application. “I love fly fishing. Definitely.

So Haims decided to transfer his favorite hobby to Wayland High and started fishing. Haims got younger and younger, adjusting to his father, he gets bored, plus the kids, and he turns fishing into infectious frogs. turtles and snakes along with his hand,

if it doesn’t become history.“I used to be like ‘an angel, this is the best image in the world,’” Haims said. On the same day he returned home from summer camp, Haims convinced his ancestors to buy him a flystick. In the field,

watch YouTube videos and train your fly fishing brains to idealize your skills. Haims said, “I was a radiant attraction to him. Obsessed. But what am I doing. Returning to their role as a faculty trainee, Haims’ soccer team made their jubilee permanent to influence Caribou in the preseason. When Haims wasn’t playing football with his teammates,

he had time to see the upsides in every move he made. “Basically, he was carrying a fishing rod with football equipment in his backpack,” said Wayland soccer coach Scott Parsegian. “I’ll go fishing at five in the morning.Bonus:

Wayland’s outrageous football still honors Tom White with traditions that are passed on. Haims has thrown a rod before, and in between classes with Wayland, Sean’s mastermind taught Sean how to hunt. to observe different fishermen,

”Chase said. He is really generous with his abilities. Most anglers don’t tell you the rest,

but Jason loves to share it. his second year. However, when they are both fishing together, the fishing pair changes roles. “I’m a scientist and he’s a teacher,” Hunt said. “I just sit and watch and train.He went to Arkansas for three nights of fly fishing in search of brown trout coves.

He also fished in Colorado this summer, traveling to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Connecticut.

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